Cedar   Valley               Polo     Club

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Polo teaches kids important skills for sports such as balance and coordination, teamwork and focus. They learn to work with other players and set goals to achieve success while having fun! Spending time around horses can teach kids to care for animals, treat them with respect and learn trust and forgiveness. Cedar Valley Polo Club offers a variety of programs for kids. 


Cedar Valley Polo Club offers lessons by professional coaches to kids ages 7 and up. The polo lessons are fun and engaging to ensure young people are able to learn in a relaxed environment. Kids can also participate in half day clinics, practice chukkas, and tournaments!

In coordination with your kids school program, the interscholastic polo program allows kids to learn and compete in polo as part of their physical education. Polo becomes part of the curriculum, teaching kids teamwork and sportsmanship while participating in a physical activity. Kids compete on a team against other clubs in the province. 

Looking for am education outing for your lesson students or Pony Club that is fun for all ages and levels of riding? Do your club members like to learn new games and build new skills that can be applied to regular Pony Club activities? Come to Cedar Valley Polo Club for a taste of the polo experience! 

Special Offering for Pony Clubs Including:
2 hours of Fundamental Polo Education in which you learn about the rules and how to play polo, how to hold the mallet and hit the ball correctly, riding position on the horse, and all the basic swings and maneuvers. 

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