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A TASTE OF POLO - Pony Club Polo Experience


Do your club members like to learn new games and build new skills that can be applied to regular Pony Club activities? Are you looking for an educational outing that is fun for all ages and levels of riding? Come to Cedar Valley Polo Club for a taste of the polo experience.

We have a special offering for Pony Clubs including: 

2 hours of Fundamental Polo Education 

- About the Rules and How to Play Polo 

- How to Hold the Mallet and Hit the Ball Correctly 

- Riding Position on the Horse 

- Basic Swings and Maneuvers


We provide quiet, experienced polo horses that know their jobs and make it easy to learn. We also provide you with mallets, balls and everything you need during the session. You should bring your own riding boots, helmet and gloves. 

Each rider will have approximately 30 minutes on a horse learning these basics.

Cost of the Experience:
$30 per club member
$60 for parents or non-members
(Minimum of $300 required)

Contact Us:
Phil Van der Burgt
205 505 0140
[email protected]